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Joining: To Join The Order of Leonine, you must be sponsord by another member,
who has been in TOL for at least 2 months. If you dont know any TOL members, come join us
on a dungeon crawl, and get to know us. Check the Events calendar for details on dungeon

Guild Sparring: Dueling can be fun,but we dont fight to the death. If you are
fighting to the death, make sure the other party knows. Death can happen accidentally, so
dont get upset if you die by accident, but dont do it on purpose. If 2 people are dueling,
do NOT interfear. We mess around a lot in TOL, but dont take it too far.
Be considerate and have fun.

Honor: All TOL members are expected to act with Honor and Integrity in all situations.
This means, no PK’ing, and No Stealing under TOL’s Guildtitle. (and please keep the
foul language to a minimum).

Death: It’s going to happen, in fact it happens all the time. Dont be upset
if your out with a group and die. Be prepared for anything when out with the guild. We
travel as a group and we leave as a group. TOL does not leave anyone behind.

PK’ing: No PK'ing is allowed, Only in defense, or Consentual PVP.
What you do with your other non TOL characters are not our business.

Role Playing: Roleplay is encouraged, but is not required of TOL members.

Resources: CHECK the Website often! It is your Responsibility to stay up with TOL News and
Events! Make sure it is bookmarked in your Browser. And visit it at least every 48 hours. We
Often take news from other sites, and create a summary to post on ours.